Can TikTok's Viral Organic Reach

Hurt Your Business?

"Whilst TikTok's organic reach is explosive, you need to keep in mind the bigger picture & don't ditch your overall digital strategy.

Keron Rose

Surface Level Info

It's become a land grab, posting 3x a day with surface-level content to try and get as many followers as possible. You can't effect change with only 1 min vids.

Sacrificing Long Form Content

Biz owners are abandoning long-form content to grab followers on TikTok. Long-Form content allows you to dive deep on topics. Your short-form content should feed your long-form strategies.

No Overall Digital Strategy

As a Biz owner, short-form videos do not and cannot replace a holistic digital strategy. You still need things like your website, email list, retargeting pixels, PPC, SEM, SMS and data collection to build a viable biz.

Remember... Biz owners need to mesh short-term and long-term strategies to build a robust digital brand. Otherwise, you can be greatly affected by just 1 change to a platform.

Keron Rose