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My Areas Of Focus


Sometimes it’s hard to connect with Entrepreneurs who have built their business in a different time. Millennials and younger generations want to see one of their own build something today, to know that it is possible. 

Building Your Digital Assets

Here in the Caribbean, disruption can be seen everywhere. It’s a hard move away from the tried & true industries of yesterday. My goal is bring awareness and show how Caribbean Entrepreneurs can build their digital assets, so that they can expand their business and participate in the global economy. 

Motivational Speaker

In my young 33 years, I have been through a lot. I’ve found myself on the wrong side of the law, I moved from Canada to the Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago) and needed to build myself up from the ground. Learning new skills, a new zeal for living life to the fullest and being a father has helped me create my happiness. I love speaking to at risk youth, in order to show them a different path.  I also love speaking to fellow Entrepreneurs in the Caribbean about overcoming challenges and building their businesses. 

Moving back to my birth country of Trinidad & Tobago was one of the biggest decisions I have made. Nothing could have prepared me for all the lessons I have learned in my time here. I feel alive, motivated, and want to be a part of something greater. I want to be apart of the change we need to move our people in the Caribbean forward. My measure for success is all about how many people I can help find their own success. I would love to be your next keynote speaker, so I can share my knowledge & experiences with your audience.
keron rose
Keron Rose

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