The Digital Products Livestream

Keron Rose is back with another Livestream info session. If you would like to be notified of all future livestreams, be sure to join my VIP email list to be notified of these events. On March 24/2020, we take a look at digital products.

The Digital Products Agenda

With more and more businesses feeling the effects of Covid 19, it has forced businesses in the Caribbean and the global community to rethink the way their business operates. However, in the Caribbean, we have our own set of unique challenges. Most businesses are not set up to take advantage of the benefits of the Digital Age. 

This webinar will talk about a variety of digital products you can add to your current business model.

Here are just a few of the types that I will go into more details about during tonights Livestream:


Ebooks are low hanging fruits and a great starting product


Why you should start thinking about creating courses

Resource Hubs

Online resource hubs are the holy grail of digital marketing

Ad Space

Does your website or social platforms get a lot of traffic?

Stock Assets

Are you a creative? Let's talk items you can sell

Systems Experts

Do you know a lot about various digital tools for businesses?

Client List

Join Me Tonight at 8pm (Local TT Time)

Make sure you come with your questions and let’s learn together.

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Digital Products You Can Start - Live at 815pm (Trinidad Time)

Get Your Pen and Paper Ready

The Agenda For Tonight

  • What are digital services?
  • Why we need to be thinking digital?
  • Popular digital services we can start now!
  • How can we promote our services?
  • Q & A

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