The Digital Insights Research Workshop

Are you ready to start performing your own research within your business to better understand your clients and create the right services and content that aligns with them?

digital insights research workshop

Why Is
Digital Insights Critical

Your consumers, audience, competitors have all gone Digital! The search engines collect more data on our audience than any other platform in the world.

Learning how to extract that data will give us the kind of insights that a focus group never could. We will then be able to create better products/services and content that aligns with exactly what the market wants from us. 

keron rose
keron rose
online business coach

Keron Rose


Online Business Coach

Keron Rose

I believe that the Digital Age truly favours Solopreneurs & Small Businesses. We have the tools, platforms and systems needed to create a beautiful experience to serve our audience. Understanding the basics of Digital Insights, will allow you to be agile and beat bigger businesses to the punch and give you the opportunity to take a piece of the pie to sustain yourself & family. 

Key Takeaways

By the end of this workshop you are going to be able to do some of the vital basics a business needs to do in order to thrive online.

1. Find Content

Using data extracted from the search engines like Google & Bing, you will be able to see the questions & queries your audience is asking online and turn it into content that gets found. 

2. Competitive Analisys

We are going to be learning the basics of how to analyse your competitors digital presence. We will be able to find out what is bringing them traffic and how they are being found online. 

3 . Demographic Research

We will learn how to find out what Countries and Cities our audience is in. We will learn how to find the age groups of the people searching for the topics related to our niche.

Will Be Able To

Take the data you gather from your research and have a much better understanding as to who your ideal customer is, where they in the world and understand the context of their problems and questions. This will be able to give you the ability to create more aligned content that the market wants and takes the guessing game out of what you should be creating.

You will also be able to create better ads. Now that you know the keywords needed for Google Ads and know what Countries/Cities you should be targeting in Facebook Ads, you will increase the success and conversion rate of your content marketing. 

“Let the data be your guide when building your business and connecting better with your audience.”


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