The Beta Crew Progress Report - March 6th

It’s been about 2 weeks and in between everybody’s hectic schedules, we have finally got everybody some progress and I think it’s about time I give you guys a bit of an update of where everybody is at.

What is amazing about everybody is that nobody has any technical experience. Everybody has had their fair share of incidents in trying to get their website off the ground and thought they may not ever get it up and running. 

Whilst I cannot show too much of their backend, since work everybody’s pages are on coming soon status. If you follow me on Instagram, whenever I am sitting with one of the crew members, I do offer some sneak peeks as to what they are doing in the session. 

I have met at least 2x with all 4 members of the crew and I am proud to give you guys a bit of an update as to where everybody is at so far. 

True Growth Caribbean

Letina has been pushing hard since we started working together. She reminds me every session that she hates technology but is loving the fact she is starting to see the results. So far she has:

  • Setup domain & hosting
  • Learned how to navigate her backend and customize her website
  • Setup Wipay for e-commerce integration
  • Begun setting up her shop with her products
  • Learned how to make her pages SEO friendly
  • Set up her Google Analytics for data tracking

Long Weekend

The tag team duo of Jevvon Brewster and Maurice Bernard have been grinding hard styling various acts over the Carnival season. So we had to get quite a bit done before the 2 days of bliss started and I will be looking back to resume working with them in the next coming days. However, so far the team has done:

  • Built 80% of the website, we are now waiting for their new stock to arrive, so we can upload all the products and go live with the website
  • Set up Wipay payments
  • Set up Wipay POS terminals for store front transactions

Jaysen Francis

The Impact Coach has been busy travelling and working with various international organizations to push the entrepreneurship community in the Caribbean. We have met for 2 sessions so far and got some of our fundamentals down. We have:

  • Purchased domain & hosting
  • Purchased the theme for the website
  • Installed the theme onto our hosting platform 
  • Set up our coming soon page

Nu Genesys

La Toya Hamilton is a powerlifter, nutritionist and fitness coach. She has a remarkable drive and even though she has started kicking my ass in the gym, I still love her and love the work she has been putting in on her site. So far she has:

  • Set up domain & hosting
  • Set up her theme onto her hosting package
  • Learned how to navigate the back end of WordPress and begun customizing her home page

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