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I am honoured to have your consideration to bring me aboard as a speaker to your next event. My focus has been on expanding the mindset of individuals here in the Caribbean to start thinking about what is possible and empowering them to get take action towards building their businesses online. As someone who grew up in Canada and moved to Trinidad & Tobago, I offer a unique set of insights and have a lot of fun connecting with the audience. I do my best to keep things entertaining, interactive and most importantly…Relevant! Check out the topics I am currently speaking about:

  • Entrepreneurship

    In building Droid Island, I have learned a wide variety of skills to build an online business here in the Caribbean. Moving from Canada to Trinidad, I have had to learn the ropes of how to turn a passion into a business, along with the mindset needed to power through the hurdles. I believe budding Entrepreneurs sometimes just need to see and hear from someone who started from zero, gets started on taking their passion to the next level.

  • Online Business

    Online Business is where my passion lies because it has played such a major role in Droid Island. In these sessions, I talk about building e-commerce businesses and the various methods of income streams that are unique to having an online business.

  • Digital Assets

    Building your Digital Assets are crucial for finding success online. The big question is what are those key digital assets you need to be building as an entrepreneur? This session dives into what those assets are and how to go about building them. Your digital assets allow your brand to be found online, capture data, give information to the public, nurture your audience and create commerce.

Feel Free to contact me if you would like me to be apart of your next event.

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