Data from search engines like Google & Bing provide information on what is happening in your niche like never before.

Audience Data & Insights

Does Your Business Have Up To Date Research On Your Niche?

Consumers have changed and have gone digital. They have become more educated and prepared with all of the sources of information available to them online. Market Research via Search Listening has now become critical for success in the Digital Age and learning how to use to extract the data from the search engines is mandatory. 

Google searches are the most important dataset ever collected on the human psyche.’

Search Listening is an insight method that uses search data to help you understand your customer’s true needs, motivations and behaviours. It tells you what the global human population is really thinking. Not the filtered questions they may ask on social.

We can now provide these insights for your business so that you can add the research to your plans for developing your business, base your marketing plans on real-world data and have a breakdown of your competitors digital presence. 

Market Research Service Breakdown

Content Packs

We provide you with data on queries your audience has asked on the search engines for the past month, so you can create content from the insights.

Competitor Breakdown

Want to know how your competitors are being found online? Their top performing pages? What websites they are getting traffic from? What ads they are running and whose publishing them?


We can provide you with the age & gender of your audience using the search engines in your niche. This will aid in targeting for your ads and overall insights.


Here is a breakdown of the research services

Content Pack

$ 300 /USD
  • Select 2 Base Keywords
    And research packs will be
    given to you with the last months worth of queries and questions your audience in a specified country have asked around your topic based on extracted Google Data.

Full Research Pack

$ 1030 /USD
  • The Full Research Pack includes everything in the "Content Pack" and includes a Competitor Analysis of Your top 2 competitors. You will also receive the demographic & gender breakdowns of your digital audience in your country, a report on the top created content in your industry, a breakdown of the ads of your competitors and more.

Research Consultant

  • Need a research consultant to work with your organization? Book a discovery call so that I can understand your needs and we can create a tailor made plan for your business.

The Process

Select Your Service
Choose between the Content Pack or The Full Research Pack
Make Payment
You can make your payment via Paypal to order the service. If you need to make a payment via Bank Transfer or another method, please send an email to [email protected]
Strategy Call
Book A Call
In this call we will dive into your industry and audience. I will learn about what data is important for you and give you information on how to utilize the data within your business.
Strategy Call
End Product
Receive Research Pack
You will receive your digital research package within 5 business days after our strategy call.
End Product

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