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How To Get Paid Online in Trinidad and Tobago in 2021

Trinidad and Tobago have a few options to receive money online. You can use Wipay, Social Pay, Fygaro, Paypal, Endcash, Buzz Pay, First Atlantic Commerce.

Does Trinidad Have Paypal?

Yes, you will need to register a Trinidad account with Paypal and then open a personal bank account with either JMMB, Venture Credit Union, PSCU Credit Union or use a Visa Credit Card in order to receive the funds. JMMB/Venture/PSCU only give Visa Debit Cards with personal accounts and not business accounts. You can not use a Mastercard in order to receive money from Paypal in Trinidad and Tobago.

Is Cashapp available in Trinidad?

No it is not. Cashapp is not available for the Caribbean market.

How Do I Get a Visa Debit Card in Trinidad and Tobago?

All of the banks in Trinidad and Tobago give out Visa Debit Cards. However, only the Visa Debit Cards from JMMB/PSCU/Venture credit union can connect to Paypal to receive funds. The Linx Visa Debit cards given out from FCB/Republic/RBC/Scotiabank cannot be connected to Paypal to receive funds. Infolink and the banks have blocked connectivity to Paypal. The Linx Visa Debit cards will be able to be used only for local e-commerce, meaning that you can use them online if the website’s currency is in TTD.

Does Venmo or Zelle Work In Trinidad and Tobago?

No, these services are not available in the Caribbean market.

Can you connect Payoneer to Paypal?

As of 2020, Paypal has blocked adding Payoneer bank accounts to Paypal.

Does Payoneer Work In Trinidad and Tobago?

Yes it does. You can connect any of our local banks to Payoneer and receive direct deposit from the platform. You can even order a Payoneer Mastercard once you have received a min 100usd in the account within the last 6 months.

Does Wipay connect to Paypal?

You cannot connect your Wipay account to Paypal.

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