As Q2 has started and we are still trudging through the pandemic, one of the major benefits that the pandemic has had upon the Caribbean region is that it has forced the long awaited digital transformation to begin. Now, Caribbean merchants can no longer sell by a shop and operate within their comfortable radius, they are forced to think beyond their island.

Now when selling online the question most are struggling with is if they should go the route of building their own website or if they should join one of the marketplaces that are appearing. Let’s take a look at one marketplace in particular and break down 3 reasons why you should join Caribshopper, especially if you are in the Micro, Small or Medium business segment.

First…Who or What is Caribshopper?

Caribshopper is a cultural ecommerce marketplace that specialises in getting Caribbean businesses online and exporting their goods to the US & Canada. They have removed 2 of the biggest pain points that many of Caribbean businesses owners face, selling their goods to a wider outside beyond the shores of their country and the logistics of getting their products to paying customers.

Here are the 3 reasons why you should join the platform:

  1. No fees for an online store
  2. Payments made to vendors in USD
  3. They handle the logistics

No Fees For Online Store

Most marketplaces charge you a fee to join their platform and the reasoning is to cover costs and also help with marketing your platform. Caribshopper will be doing that for free on their platforms.

They also provide you with a media kit to help you with putting out content on your social media platforms.

This is a great option for everybody who is in the business of creating their own products and needs to sell online.

For all of my artisans out there, if you don’t have a website, I hope that you have already made your way over to their website to check out the platform.

Payments Paid Out In USD

Another one of the biggest issues plaguing the Caribbean is generating USD. Caribshopper accepts payments on your behalf from US clients and then deposits those funds to your bank account in USD, once it is a US cash account with your local bank.

They will be launching in Jamaica a prepaid Mastercard in the upcoming months and making the deposits to your card.

In Trinidad, if you do not have a US cash account, they will pay out your profits in TTD.

They Handle The Logistics

With their partnerships and warehouses, you have 2 options for them to handle your fulfillment and if you are into dropshipping you are going to love this:

  1. Dropshipping – Caribshopper will keep stock of your products in their warehouses and handle fulfillment when your orders come in. The only thing you need to do is ensure the warehouses have stock. You are then free to focus on marketing your business.
  1. Drop Off – If you are just getting started and don’t have a lot of stock to be able to drop off at their warehouses, then when an order comes in for your products, you have 48 hours to drop off the product at their collection points and they will handle the fulfillment of your order to the client.

With these 3 key areas being taken care of, Caribshopper makes an excellent partner for Caribbean businesses looking to export their products to a wider audience.

For far to long, businesses have struggled to keep afloat because they simply have no idea how to put together all of the pieces to turn themselves into a viable business.

If you check out the platform, you will see a wide variety of products being listed. From things like Food, soaps, creams and much more.

Check out the CaribShopper merchant FAQ and if you are someone with a business and are still asking people to send you a DM in order to place an order, do everybody a favour and jump on the platform.

If you need help trying to determine if you want to build your own website or join a marketplace, contact me.

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